Stop, collaborate, and listen.


Since 2001, I've been very fortunate to present at conferences and run workshop sessions. It's been fantastic developing and presenting my current cycle of talks at conferences and festivals all over Europe, and I'd love to be able to bring these and other talks and sessions to a wider audience.

I'm all about bringing diversity and inclusion to events, and this is reflected in my wide range of interests and topics. 

Don't see a topic that fits your event? Suggest one.



The Linguistics & Semiotics of Emoji

Digital Literacy for Psychotherapists

Revolutionising Language Education with Open Source

Fashion & Anonymity in the Biometric Age

The Linguistics of Technology & the Digital Age

The Latinx Experience in the Digital Age

The Synaesthetic Experience of Language & Creativity

Psychology, Cognition, Content & the Web

Open Source Culture & Psychology

Emotional Health & Intimacy in the Digital Age



Japanese Web Design

Mobile Web & Mobile Culture in Japan

Being a Better Mentor

Japanese Language Learning

Japan's Fashion Market & Culture

Empathy & Team Building

Mental Health in Tech

The Real Cost of Burnout

Language Learning, Polyglottism & AI