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Update on my re:publica 2019 session


💥The session info is in for my re:publica 2019 session with emoji researcher Nicole Christ, entitled, How Do You Speak Emoji? Decoding the visual culture and linguistics of emoji.

➡️Catch us on Tuesday, May 7 on Stage 8 from 15:00-15:30

🏮ICYMI: Submissions are still open for a short, anonymous survey I’ve created to collect people’s experiences with and insights on emoji. Please take a few minutes to share your insights, and share the survey so that we can get as diverse a data set as possible. It should take a maximum of 15min to complete, and is free-form so you can write as little or as much as you’d like.

🙏🏽Thanks in advance to those of you who take part in the survey or share it forward!
👻See you at re:publica 2019 on May 7, 2019!