What do I do anyway?

I'm in the business of the brain; pulling ideas out of it and putting them into the world.


What do I do, anyway?

I provide a wide range of services for unique projects. I can help your launch your product into the world on its maiden voyage, or assist in bringing its evolution to the next incarnation.  Book my services modularly, or as part of a package.

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Content Infrastructure Design and Project Management

What is CID work? Find out a bit about it here and here. My hand in products runs the gamut from concepting and user profiling, transcreation and localisation frameworks, all the way to creating a brand voice and personality.

I can create a project plan to get your message to the right people, and set up a lasting communications infrastructure on which you can grow your project — be it a small magazine or overseeing licensee brand standards of a major title.

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Content Strategy, Marketing, Comms, & PR

Sure, I can edit. I copywrite UIs and chatbot scripts, too. But what I get most excited about is cultivating and serving an audience that needs quality content. This means not only writing blogposts and putting out updates on social media, but also crafting a long-game story around it that converts into an audience who feels spoken-to and validated.

I can bring your pet chatbot project to life. I'll even make sure that your brand doesn't get the dreaded PR-bloat and maintains its identity in the media. All this, and in several languages with quality translations and transcreated content.


Language Technology & Linguistics

Language is the most important thing in my life. It defines who we are, how we relate to others, and how we stand in the world. I love technology and and see it as a way to bring us into better relationships with language, practical and critical use of language, and to make it accessible and better for everyone. This is a core principle of my work and I invite you to work on it with me.

Conversation design, chatbots (with or without marketing angles), and other intersections of language and technology are projects I am particularly interested in. But I also provide quality translation, transcreation, and localisations for your publication, platform, app, or marketing campaigns.


Japan Market Consulting

I’m an accredited Japanologist with the European Association of Japanese Studies, with over a decade's worth of experience living, studying, and working in Japan. I hold a JLPT 2 certificate, and love working on projects to improve how Japanese is used in apps, marketing and other products originating outside of Japan. If you want insight into the Japanese language or market for optimising your product or platform, then let’s talk.

My particular areas of interest range from cultural issues of language education through advertising, publishing, journalism, fashion, and reach all the way to traditional clothing culture, gender issues, and the intersections of these topics with Western culture.


Creative & Fashion Consulting

In parallel with working in fashion and fashion publishing in Tokyo for a decade, I've also received certified training in kimono culture, pattern-making, and have created aesthetic concepts and directed for both artistic and commercial fashion projects. In addition to hands-on fashion work, I have been commissioned to write fashion criticism, regular columns, and other content surrounding fashion, art, film, and culture.