Sometimes I do things with other people.


Gleb Maltsev

Gleb writes things. I edit them. We butt heads. We stare at each other intensely waiting for the other to cave in and flinch first. There are late-night Skype calls, midday prose-assaults, and sarcastic sighs involved. Many are the feline reaction GIFs. And in the end, I fall asleep on his office couch with a haori as a blanket while he pushes out into the internets a text he's happy with, ready to be useful to those who read it. A good time is always had by all. 

Illustration: JNGC, 2017

Nico Hagenburger

Nico designs things. We've been thick as thieves and devoted office spouses since the day we met to discuss typographical quotes for a project at the online film news website we worked at together. We collaborate on LivingStyleGuide and share a love of clean design, fluffy petulant cats, going to the ballet, and avant-garde Asian fashion. 

Illustration: JNGC, 2017