This is me.

I'm just a 3rd culture kid, living in her 7th country, learning her 13th language.



For as long as I can remember, my life has been about words. Learning them, collecting them, spelling them, drawing them, taking them apart, putting them back together again. Learning that they have different flavours and aromas depending on what they sit next to. Practicing how to put them exactly in their place, like darts through a blowgun. Dressing them up, or disguising them. Using them to persuade, enrage, or soothe.

My words come in many forms — common words, scientific words, words to etch out a picture with my mouth or fingertips. One word said many ways, one word that exists only in one way. I'm working on my 13th way right now, but I can muddle through in a few more.

My words inform on many different things — Science, Language, Psychology, Media, Journalism, Film, Comic Books, Art, Music, Food, Sex & Culture, Gender, Race, Technology, Post-humanism, and Japan. 

My words appear in different places — On product copy, and on blogs. On art catalogue introductions, and on magazine pages. On social media, and on love letters. On radio, and on television.

My words can be your words, too.