Words swords words.

Getting started in copywriting? This evening is for you...


“What is copywriting anyway?” “How did you start getting into copywriting” "“What makes copywriting so special?”

UPDATE: The Copy & Content Meetup has been postponed until Wed July 3, 2019 due to the extreme heatwave expected this week. All event info has been updated. See you there!

I get asked these questions at least once a month. And I get it… copywriting can seem mysterious to those who aren’t doing it every day. It might even seem trivial. But it’s also important.

I’ll be talking about copywriting, what it is, how it’s changed since I started doing it, and how you can get started in it Tuesday July 3, 2019 at the Copy & Content Meetup hosted at Blinkist, run by my amazing colleague — Blinkist Magazine Editor in Chief, Carrie King.

Got questions you want me to answer in my talk? Tweet at me or send me a message!

Jennifer Geacone-Cruz