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2018 by the numbers

U-bahn Jungfernstieg station in Hamburg, photo my own.

U-bahn Jungfernstieg station in Hamburg, photo my own.

Just a few days ago, I did a little recap on some language learning I did in 2018. Since my personal life and professional life are pretty closely intertwined, I thought I’d do the same for some other major activities: travel, events and reading.


47,479km in 17 countries

Enough to go around the planet once and get 7,405km into a second go-round.


12 conferences, 3 talks, 1 podcast

I was fortunate enough to give talks at The Polyglot Gathering, LangFest, and Fronteers 11’s Jam Session, along with emceeing at Mobile Growth Summit Europe. I also contributed to NPR’s Hidden Brain Podcast in January.

I’ve got some topics I’d like to develop further for 2019, so if you know an event where they might fit, let me know!


157 books, 6 audiobooks

A lot of pages. Quite a few listening hours. I’m not going to count. Got recommendations for 2019 reading? Hit me up.

I won’t be making a list of goals for 2019, though. I find that the habits I want to cultivate and things I end up doing are the ones that either come up through necessity or are sparked by real genuine motivation. OK, and sometimes a little bit of self-generated shame. In the meantime, check out which events I’ve got lined up for 2019.


Jennifer Geacone-Cruz